Can Uzer

Sound Designer


I am a Helsinki-based sound designer, focusing on games and interactive media. My background covers areas such as recording arts, interactive audio, film sound, music production and live music, as well as game design, new media and storytelling. I have fluency in numerous tools including Pro Tools, REAPER, Wwise, FMOD, Fabric, Unity, Unreal, and Pure Data.

Currently, I am freelancing, making sounds, music and all sorts of other noises for a variety of indie projects. I occasionally do QA testing for mobile games on the side. I love making/mixing music, playing games, reading user manuals, biking and doing pull-ups among other things. And before you ask, my name Can is pronounced just like John.



Audio - Sound design and implementation, sound recording and post-production, foley, composing music, live sound.

Secondary Skills - Game design, QA testing, video production, programming, storytelling.


Software - REAPER, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Cubendo, Audition, SoundForge, Unity, Unreal, Fabric, Wwise, FMOD, Pure Data, Premiere.

Hardware - Studio and field experience with consoles, controllers and outboard gear such as Neve AMS, Avid Icon, Tascam and Sound Devices.


Aalto University - Sound in New Media (MA) | Game Design and Development (Minor)

SAE Institute Istanbul- Audio Engineering (Diploma)

Ege University - Classical Archeology (BA)

Selected Work

Gears of Steal | Mobile platform game. Arkavis. Sound and music.

Ruby+ Blob | A computational learning app for kids. Hello Ruby. Sound and music.

Dark Room Mansion | Mobile puzzle game. Finnish Museum of Photography. Sound and music.

Dungeon Tails | Mobile rogue-like. Timbermint. Sound design.

Build Away | Mobile strategy game. Futureplay. QA testing.

Visible Climate | Documentary, 2015-2016. Production and post-production sound.

The Last Romantic Couple | Finnish feature-length drama, Uphill, 2014. Production sound.

Gone: The Other and the Unknown | Swedish/Turkish feature-length drama, Mor 2013. Production sound.

Pinchpenny Mouse | Multimedia story book for iPad, 2013. Voice production.

Ote/Points of View | Audiovisual exhibition, EMMA Museum 2015-2016. Sound design and programming.

Swarm | Sound installation, Bzzz Sound Art Festival, 2014. Sound design and programming.

Fragments by Let It Flow | EP, Indie 2015. Sound engineering, songwriting, drumming.


SAE Institute Istanbul
Assistant lecturer in audio engineering. 2012-2013.

“Virtual Reality Filmmaking Workshop Helsinki,” 
Tutoring for Cinematic VR Audio. 2016

"Sound Matters: How Sound Can Affect your Game"
Assembly Summer 2015


I was born in Turkey, 1984. I spent my early twenties playing drums, making music and getting not-a-most-useful degree in archeology. Later, I went to SAE Institute Istanbul to become an audio engineer. After working at SAE as an assistant and freelancing for a while in Istanbul, I decided to shift my focus towards sound design for games, so I moved to Finland to study 'Sound in New Media (MA)' in Aalto University. The projects I got involved during my studies both in and outside of school really thought me the necessary skills to be a capable audio professional, and allowed me to explore the various ways of achieving a holistic approach in design. I have been working as a freelancer doing sound and music work for indie game, film, art and multimedia projects since then.

Since 2010, I have been producing audio content for a diverse range of media projects in equally diverse roles. In addition, I completed a minor in game design, exhibited numerous sound installations, and released a few records with my band. In the mean time, I translated several harlequin novels, worked on cruise ships, did waitering and bartending, became an arch-mage in Tamriel, achieved one-arm push-up, and managed to keep cycling with my granny-bike for 10 months of the year in Finnish winter.

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