Can Uzer

Sound Designer


Ote / Points of View

Generative sound installation for Tyko Sallinen’s painting "Devil's Dance" (1919). Programmed and designed using Pure Data for 6.1 surround speaker system.

Traditional museum experiences require the viewer to survey a plethora of works in a short time period. We coast through the gallery space with fractured gazes. In Ote, only one work—Tyko Sallinen’s 1919 painting Devil's Dance  is displayed from The Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection to invite the public to concentrate and take time with an artwork. The gesture of exhibiting a single artwork in EMMA’s Areena exhibition space challenges the traditional display conventions of a collection often exhibited as an entity.

Espoo Museum of Modern Art (EMMA), Finland. 2015-2106. Sound design by Can Uzer. Curated by CuMMA. More info.


Generative/interactive sound installation, sculpture. Programmed and designed using Pure Data for multiple mono speakers.

SWARM is an interactive installation that explores a human’s effect within the natural world. It seems that our curiosity may be our downfall. Our desire to create, to observe, to get close to, to meddle and play in and with the landscape, means that there is little untouched ‘nature’ left. This destruction that we leave behind, with our irresponsible movement through our world, can be observed with this work, that the viewer can’t help but destroy as they come closer to view it.

Harp Art Lab, Sweden. 2014. Designed by Can Uzer and Charlie Clark. More info.


Spatial sound installation. Habitare Design Competition 2013 tertiary winner.

The theme of the competition was a "dream space" that would appeal to all the senses and be intended as a place where you can dream of a better world. The contestants were requested to design and implement their ideas for a space element and related objects.

Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre, Finland. 2013. Sound design by Can Uzer. More info.